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Personal Care Assistant application 

To apply for a Personal Assistant or live-in care vacancy, please complete the form below. 
Please list below all the current skills you have attained. 
Date Acquired
Awarding Organisation
Please select which duties/activities you are happy to carry out: 
Validation checks 
Can you please confirm if you have any of the following: 
Please be advised that a CRB Certificate is valid for all posts. (If you do not currently have a CRB certificate, we can help you apply for one.) 
Please note a Visa is only required if you are not an EU Resident. 
Current employment details 
If you are currently working for an Organisation, please enter the details below: 
Reference 1 
Reference 2 
It is not compulsory to upload a CV, however if you would like to please click on the 'Browse' button below: 
Equal Opportunities Monitoring 
This data is for informational purposes only and will not have an impact on any potential employment opportunities. 
Ethnicity Group 
I agree that the information I have submitted to Telopea Managed Services Limited, and which appears on their Register of Personal Assistants may be used to match with the requirements of potential employers. 
I understand that Telopea Managed Services Ltd will not use the information I have provided for any purpose other than facilitating my potential employment as a Social Care Personal Assistant, and will destroy all copies of the information at my request. 
Thank you for taking the time to complete the application. You will hear from us shortly 
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