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Please see below a few of the many testimonials that we have already received. 
9th February 2024 
I have started photographing some of my meals which have been so tasty and pretty and might encourage people to go with Telopea. 
I know it’s my ingredients but, Sheree has just made me a fantastic aubergine and sun dried tomato pasta and Maggie and Nellie always make me lovely food. Please can you give them all feedback. Thanks x 
November 2023 
The family would like to thank you all for the care and consideration you gave mum whilst she was being cared for by Telopea. 
26th July 2023 
Call from A B who is the niece of W B. Just to say that WB has gone into respite for the moment, she is not sure how long it will be for as she seems very frail at the moment. She would like to thank Mimi for the care she has given her aunt. WB speaks very highly of Mimi and A B is very grateful. 
26th June 2023 
23rd November 2022 
Alina was brilliant last night as she managed to sort mum out before the ambulance crew arrived. Can you pass on our thanks to her. 
14th August 2022 
Just to say that I am thankful for splendid service your carers gave to me when I was in Bedford for nearly month, especially Mimi And Nick. 
B lakhani 
18th June 2022 
I can only thank you and ALL of your staff new and old for all the time and considerate care they gave to mum and at times myself. I truly appreciated that. I felt reassured that you all listened to her specific and individual needs. For that I will always be grateful. 
12th May 2022 
Dear ‘Telopea’ Brenda Zoe and team 
As you are aware, my Dad died in the night. We’ve had a chat with Mum and she would like to continue with the lunchtime visit but at present, she no longer requires a morning visit. 
As ever, thank you so much for the fantastic care you have provided to my wonderful father, particularly for the loving care provided by Lorraine. 
Thank you SR 
21st April 2022 
Dear Marilyn  
Thank you for all the loving care you gave to Mum. You did so much to help us keep Mum at home as she wanted.  
Lucy Clare and Edward. 
17th December 2021 
A note to thank you for all Telopea's support for Pamela over the years that she was cared for. Especially to the carers who went out of their way to build a relationship with her and helped her to find a reason to live in such difficult circumstances. It was lovely to see the carers representing Telopea at the funeral.  
Blessings and best wishes from the Peacock Family. 
11th October 2021 
Alina and Betty are always well-groomed and polite and treat me with respect. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering care in the home.  
Mrs DM 
29 September 2021 
I am very happy with my carer Maggie I like having the same person every day, she’s used to me & I her!! She does my food & serves it beautifully,  
Thankyou. Mrs T 
29 September 2021 
Compared to first care company used Telopea have been fantastic – thankyou for making our lives that little bit easier.  
29 September 2021 
The quality and functionality of carers has been very hit and miss lately.  
Mr JF. 
29 September 2021 
Competed by daughter MH Power of Attorney with my Mum. Alina and Maggie are great also Sheree when she comes.  
Thankyou for Mrs AW 
Thank you all so much for the care and support extended to Derek and ourselves over the past few weeks. It very much contributed to us being able to bring him home and allow him to be at the heart of his family in his last days. 
Please pass our thanks to all the carers who have treated Derek with so much kindness and respect. He referred to them all as his angles - his term, not a misspelling! 
Please pass my (Jane’s) phone number to any of them who wish to ring. 
With gratitude 
Ian and Jane. 
To Brenda and all the wonderful carers who looked after Dad, Harold. 
Mum and I and the family would like to thank you for all your exceptional, kind and compassionate care. You enabled Dad to remain at home as long as he could, which was his wish and to retain his dignity and comfort in the last few years of his life. 
Kim and Dorothy 
Just to let you know that my dad died at 3.30am Tuesday morning. Could you pass on my thanks to Michelle and Mihaela specifically please, they were absolute angels and fully embraced the chaos of my house and helped make dads final couple of weeks happy. 
They were always very cheerful and had a giggle with not just dad, but with all of us. 
They really did make a difference to us all as a family. 
Very satisfied with the service you give and easy to deal with. 
Completely happy with the service. All my carers look after me excellently. Thank you. 
Thank you for your help. I do appreciate your kindness and understanding in all you do. Thank you. 
Marilyn is my carer and she helps me out in the house and with my needs my recent Scoliosis has placed upon me. I couldn’t do without her. 
Mrs Pryor 
Dear Carers 
Thankyou for being kind and flexible and accommodating. I do appreciate your services very much. Thankyou for trying hard even if I don’t speak English. 
The service provided to date has been excellent and any minor issues have been dealt with immediately. 
24th October 2020 
Dear Brenda 
Many apologies that we haven’t written to you sooner but, as you can imagine, we have been rather busy making arrangements. 
We would like to thank you for being so responsive and thoughtful when we initially had to engage your services. It was wonderful to know that, when we had to step back from caring for Mum, everything was under control. As the days passed it was even more reassuring to know that Mum was under the full time care of two wonderful ladies. We will be forever grateful to Ella and Felicia for the level of care and personal interaction they had with Mum. We were also so grateful for how they communicated and updated us on a regular basis. They are wonderful assets to your organisation. We are also very grateful to the other staff members who supported Ella and Felicia on the occasions of their rest days. 
The order of service has now been printed and we thought Ella and Felicia would like to receive copies so if they wished they could follow the memorial service which will be Webcast live and retained on line for 30 days for those unable to watch it at the time of the service. We will be visiting Bedford early next week so can drop these into your office. We will WhatsApp the webcast details to Ella when it becomes available. 
Again, thank you so much for your help. 
Kind regards 
Jennifer & Penny 
8th October 2020 
Dear Cosmin and Maggie 
I am Petar’s sister and live near Brighton. I visited him today and all is well. I haven’t been able to visit him for quite a while due to the lockdown. 
I just wanted to say ‘thankyou’ to you both for keeping an eye on him. I very much appreciate all that you do for him. 
Thankfully, he appears stable, content and with your support and family support locally, he is doing OK. I phone him every week and keep in touch that way.  
Thankyou Jela Webb (sister). 
2nd October 2010 
Please can you pass on my Thanks to Kiddie for all the support he provides to Mr JF and caring for his balloon gastrostomy tube. 
Kind regards, 
Jackie Coombs 
Nutricia Homeward Enteral Nurse Specialist (Adult) 
12th August 2020 
I am forwarding Mrs R’s thanks for the amazing support Brenda and her team gave her with the nights sits for her husband. She informed that she felt Brenda had given her more support in those last few nights/days of her husband’s life than her regular care agency had given in the last 18 months. Please could you let Brenda and her team know of Mrs R’s gratitude. 
I would also like to extend my thanks for supporting this family in their time of need. 
Kind regards 
District Nurse Specialist Practitioner 
I had to contact you to say that I have received an email from Beverley Brian’s niece, who wanted to compliment Cosmo for the fantastic work he does with Brian. Cosmo has continued to support Brian every day and without fail and has got to know Brian and encourages him to take care of his daily routines. He makes a real effort and Beverley could see they get on really well together. 
I also wanted to thank you for the support provided to Brian has made a big difference to him, his health and wellbeing. Thank you for being understanding and positive way you have always ensured that you will do what you can when asked for additional support. 
Please can management pass on our Big Thanks to COSMO!, his help and support has been greatly appreciated by all, including the health professionals that have spoken very highly of him and the support he provides to Brian! 
Kind Regards 
Kim Sehdev 
Adults Social Services Learning Disability Team 
From L Thomas 
Dear Brenda 
I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you and your staff for all your support in caring for my Mother over the past few years. As you know it was always a personal aim of mine and the family to keep Mum at home as long as it was possible in comfortable surroundings. 
We had lots of conversations where at times it became very emotional but I always looked to you as more than just a care provider and know you had the families’ wishes at the forefront of your decision making. 
I will never forget how supportive you have been, especially when I have struggled. I wish you well and thankyou again for all your support to me and my family. 
Hi Brenda 
Just to update you that Rita is still in hospital from her fall on Friday evening and would like you to pass on our thanks to Mimi for all help & support at that time. She was great. I would also like to thank you Brenda for discussing this with me that evening over the phone and for your support and reassurance. 
Dear Brenda,  
I have to tell you very sadly that Terry died in the early hours of yesterday morning. According to the nurse's it was very sudden yet peaceful, so I am a little comforted by that. I also want to say that your caring teams gave us excellent service during the entire time and that there was no question of asking for change of them or of providers, so thank you to everyone and also to yourself for your reassuring letters. 
My best regards, Daphne Warrick 
Dear Sir/Madam 
I am writing today to you as my friends Val and Jim Catlow have home carers supplied by yourselves. I am often at their home when your carers call. I am very impressed by two of your carers. One is named Nick who sees to Mr Catlow he is very thorough in all that he does and has a very caring nature. The other is a young lady who sees to Mrs Catlow, her name is Sheri, she is so thorough in everything she does and has the sweetest genuine caring quality. 
If I was to have carers these are the two I would choose and recommend. 
These two deserve carers of the year awards if there was such an award. 
Congratulations to supplying such good staff. 
Yours Pauline Arnold. 
Dear Brenda 
Now that things have settled down following Joan’s sad death, I’m beginning to work my way through less urgent matters. I am therefore writing to express my appreciation and gratitude for all your help over the last 15 months or so – I’ve never had cause to regret asking you to take on Joan’s care. 
My thanks also go to others at Telopea, especially Nisha and Vincent, who have both always been there to give help, advice and friendship. I have as you would expect, expressed my thanks to Sonya separately and Flavius. 
Joan wasn’t the easiest of patients but I know she recognised and appreciated the care you all gave her, even when her illness was so painful and uncomfortable. Once again, many thanks and best wishes.  
Yours sincerely 
Colin Ellis 
Roxy and Vesna were amazing this morning (I was 10 mins late due to traffic on manton heights). Nothing was too much trouble and they had obviously thought it all through. The thermostat wasn't right on the shower so I had numerous bowls of warm water and I feel so clean and happy. The hospice staff were really lovely too. This will be a weekly arrangement going forward and I'll leave earlier. I wanted Brenda to know how wonderful Roxy and Vesna were and how much it meant to me that you were able to accommodate my request. 
Best regards 
Alison x 
Hi Brenda ... just wanted to say Mum came home yesterday she is so happy to be home and be back to as she says....her Sherrie . They needed lots of 'Sherries ' at the hospital she is a credit to Telopea. Thank you. 
From Mrs R’s daughter 17/07/19 
Once again I must sing Sheree’s praises she is a godsend and has made such a difference to my Mum 
Dear Brenda I want you to know how wonderful Roxy was to me this morning with the care I received she is a wonderful carer. I haven’t always lived like this and over the weekend she prepared a tray for my visitors. Roxy always goes over and above everything to do with her job. Deidre 
From Beds Borough Council. It has been brought to our attention that Telopea has provided and is providing a high quality service for Mr James Catlow. At a recent review it was reported how brilliant his carer Nick is and that he goes above and beyond at every care call. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff Nick for your continued support – Care Standards Team. 
4th March 2019 
Once again I would like to thank all at Telopea for their efficient and caring services. In particular could you please pass on our thanks to Sheri as I know Jack looked forward to her visits. 
Ian Potter (Jack’s Nephew) 
26th February 2019 
Hi Brenda 
Just a quick message to say how lovely Roxie was tonight. She was a bit worried about my mum being a bit sleepy so rang me but stayed with her until I got here. She was so nice to my mum. You have a great group of girls. I think it may be that at dialysis they have put my Mum of some strong pain patches and I think that the combination of that and having her dialysis today has knocked her out a bit. I have spoken to dialysis and removed the patch and will contact the doctor in the morning to see if they can reduce the dosage as she is so tiny it's probably too much for her. Thanks again for all the girls support. 
7th February 2019 
Thanks Brenda for all you have done, it is truly appreciated. Sonya in particular has been so kind. 
Best wishes 
17th January 2019 
To Brenda 
Thankyou so much for all the hard work in getting the right care for me in hospital and letting me keep the carers that know about helping me. 
Thankyou again Jan 
From John Hill -3rd December 2018 
In the fall of 2016 Telopea sent in their carers to aid my Mother Mrs Hill in her on-going battle with Motor Neurone Disease and this was our first experience with the care industry. 
MND is a tough disease for an individual to cope with and it constantly brings forth a challenge for both the patient and the carers in charge of their individual needs. 
Thankfully when ever a challenge was presented to the carers they rose to the challenge by patiently listening to my Mum’s concerns and addressing her needs. 
What impressed me was how the carers (in particular Sonya and Alina) went above and beyond the call of duty to aid my Mother’s care and in my view they showed that care is much more than a job rather it is a vocation. 
Whilst there was a rocky period in my Mother’s health in early 2017 this was remedied by the carer’s investigations which at every opportunity aided the NHS in their work. 
Since that time my Mother was really happy and had all of her needs catered for. 
The carers of Telopea bought a positive environment that radiated through out the entire home. 
Sadly my Mother passed away in November 2018 but I am really pleased that her life was blessed by and extended by the warmth and care of the Telopea. 
Mrs DW received 20/11/18 
Care to date has been excellent - Rated 5 out of 5 
Mrs CM received 20/11/18 
Excellent - Rated 5 out of 5 
Feedback from Mrs Taylor 20/11/18 
My father has just started to be looked after by Telopea. We are already delighted. The carers are so respectful and treat Dad with dignity and kindness. Thankyou - Rated 5 out of 5 
Hi Brenda  
"Just a text to say how lovely Anne and Sonia have been (and sorry but the other ladies name escapes me at this minute). 
Very kind and considerate. My Mum is very happy Many thanks" 
Anne Holloway 
To Dear Brenda and all the lovely ladies at Telopea 
"Many, many thanks for all the help and support you have given me in looking after my Mum Jean Summerlin. 
Your dedication helped give Mum 3 more years of independence to live at home. 
Brenda you should be proud of all your girls in the care they gave, especially Maggie who went above and beyond the call of duty." 
Thankyou again Rhona 
"I had Sonya as my carer she was the best one I have had from Telopea should I need a carer again I would like it to be Sonya. 
Very happy with the 10/10 service I received." 
S Prosser 
"Dear Brenda, Like all the best relationships, ours has been fiery and there is no doubt that I have tested you at times. However, through it all, you have stuck by me, fighting my cause tirelessly as challenges one after another were thrown in our direction. So many would have thrown in the towel and walked away, but you didn't and I shall always remain exceptionally grateful for that." 
Thank you Hannah 
"First Class Service, reliable, friendly and always respectful and polite" 
"Very pleased with Alina, she is an excellent carer. I wouldn't want anyone else"  
5/5 - Mr Lewis 
"Great Service, actually I don't feel that Telopea is a company, they make me feel like our family, many thanks" 
5/5 A Khan 
"Would you please pass on my thanks to my carers Kiddy, Olu and Ali who without them I would not be able to manage without their help and assistance" 
5/5 Mr J Francis 
"I'm pleased to say that your care staff members carry out their duties in a proper manner, with respect shown" 
5/5 Mrs Lane 
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