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Coronavirus – COVID 19 The Pandemic as updated 14.08.20 

Coronavirus is a pandemic - a global pandemic therefore social distancing wearing masks 
and being respectful to others and their space is of utmost importance. 
Carers please continue to get yourselves tested and let us, as your employer, have the 
results for your file, we can then trace people you have come into contact with if there is 
a necessity this is really important for yourself and those around you. 
By being responsible is a big advantage because we have all been struggling in recent 
months but, we must help the NHS service not to be too overwhelmed this coming winter 
either by COVID19, winter flu, norovirus and other such winter bugs. If we all play our 
part, then the health service is more likely to cope. Remember, our own behaviour could 
limit spread, therefore precautionary personal steps need to be taken as much as possible 
so life can continue to resume as far as possible. 
A nasty, possibly in some instances a killing virus, can become a bullet you cannot dodge 
but, you can help by washing your hands and, by not touching your eyes, nose or mouth 
when you are out until you have washed your hands. 
Lots of people are already being sensible but if you are worried, self-isolate from your 
friends, colleagues, patients, and family. Keep your mobile phones cleaned with 
antiseptic wipes, as well as land lines and mouthpieces. On/off light switches, plugs, push 
button switches, door handles, car steering wheels cash points, again use antiseptic 
What are the symptoms of coronavirus? 
The main signs of infection are fever (high temperature) and a cough as well as shortness 
of breath and breathing difficulties. However different people experience different 
symptoms Again, we say, frequent hand washing with soap or gel, avoiding close contact 
with people who are ill and not touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed 
hands, can help cut the risk of infection. 
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